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Looking qq'un who could help me an afternoon in paris (available this weekend or week) to refresh my memory at the pattern of reading and help me achieve a small DC motor motoréducté controlled by a console.
The idea is to start the engine and to vary its speed through the console.


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Re : i m happy here

hello guy ;

i believe that the way you mix both french and english could  be disappointing for most french readers. However most of us have learn english speaking at school...

I think you intend to use a "shell console" for your project and not a game station as the word console means both for froggies.

As a start point I would suggest a raspberry with an addon named the slice of pi.
I own one and use the ipad as wireless console with the additionnal programs "server auditor" or  "reflection" to connect via ssh.

Bon courage.
(I dońt live near Paris, maybe some gents do, who know)